Frequently Asked Questions

What is WRAASA?

WRAASA is hosted by the Areas of the Western Canada Region. The Regional boundaries are as designated in the A.A. Service Manual. WRAASA is held every two years in one of the Areas in Western Canada per rotation.

The purpose of WRAASA is to develop greater unity among the members, groups and Areas of the Western Canada Region; to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences; and to provide an opportunity for members to discuss pertinent aspects of A.A. The Assembly and the WRAASA Committee foster the legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service in Alcoholics Anonymous. ALL members of Alcoholics Anonymous are welcome and encouraged to attend this Service Assembly.

What happens at WRAASA?

WRAASA is a weekend of panel presentations and workshops. The topics that are being shared will be on issues affecting A.A. today and also related to the General Service Conference topics. Your participation in the workshops is vital for all of us to learn and share our Experience, Strength and Hope with others. 

The panel of presenters are from across the Western Canada Region. They include; District Committee Members (DCM’s), Area Committee Chair persons, Area Officers which include Chairs, Alternate Delegates and Delegates.  We will also hear from a panel of present and past trustees. 

There will also be time for fellowship on Friday evening with details to be determined, and on Saturday evening we invite you to join us to listen to a trusted servant share their story with us all.

How much are tickets? 

Tickets are $35 and you can register at when the tickets go on sale June 6, 2022. Tickets may also be purchased on-site at WRAASA on Friday evening and Saturday morning of the event.

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